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The retreat with Amber was wonderful. It opened my eyes and my heart and filled it with gratitude, joy and love. Amber is a really good teacher, I loved her classes! And she is an open, genuine and warm person.

Bussum, Nederlans

Marieke Van Hamond


This retreat touches down on your soul and heart in a way that is hard to describe in words. From daily yoga and meditation, to waterfalls and painting yourself with clay. Amber has an incredible way of bringing out your inner child and seeing what your personally need from the retreat. She nurtures your every senses, from adjustments by a local chiropractor, massage, surf lessons, tree planting and unbelievable food that nourishes every fiber of your being. This retreat has recharged me to get on my mat everyday and nurture my body and soul. I recommend this retreat to EVERYONE!!

Maggie Miller

Amber is an empowering teacher that makes learning fun. Her energy is contagious

Ashley Disarro

Amber teaches with passion and wisdom in her words. I enjoy all of her teachings and classes. My retreat experience was educational and transformative in many ways. One of the best weeks of my life! I hope to be one of her students for a long time


Lexi Hicks - Photographer

Transformational, impactful life-changing... that sums up my Live Your Yoga and Surf retreat experience with Amber. She is a motivating and inspiring leader who has an innate ability to know the difference between encouraging and preaching. Amber has such a unique, admirable, beautiful and contagious spirit with wisdom beyond her years. I had never been to a yoga retreat before and didn’t really know how much I needed what Amber was teaching, but she truly provided me with tools that will continue to guide to becoming the best me I can (and want to) be. Even two weeks after returning from my retreat, I am still living what I learned about myself and life both “on and off the mat” as Amber puts it. Thank you Amber

Dix Hills, New York

Karen Schackner

In late February and early March of this year I was lucky enough to visit a friend in Costa Rica, Dominical to be exact. Everyday, usually twice a day, I attended classes at The Danaysa Studio. All of the instructors were really fantastic. I must say that I had a favorite though. Amber Hagberg was phenomenal. I loved her classes, especially her evening Yin type class. Her poses, her attitude, her messages, even her voice were just so right! Her classes are as genuine as she is. So do yourself a favor and LIVE YOUR YOGA. I give this girl a hundred star rating! 

South Seaville, New Jersey

Doreen Callahan

Amber's passion for sharing the practice of yoga is inspiring to say the least. She has a sweet potency about her presence as she guides each class through thoughtful and mindful flows. Her energy and presence are contagious. Just by way of being, she inspires you to feel empowered in your own practice. I am so grateful that I got to study and learn from Amber in my 200-hour teacher training at Danyasa. I continue to call upon bits and pieces I picked up by watching her classes, and contribute that wisdom into my own classes that I teach here at home. I highly recommend seeking out a retreat or class (or two or three) from Amber, given the chance. Much love to you down in the rainforest love

Chicago, Illinios

Grace Lennon

In your class, I felt safe to try things I've never done because I trusted you. Your teaching style is so gentle, welcoming, kind and very clear, but then you somehow get us into poses that we didn't think we possible...but you didn't really give the option to think. We were in our bodies right away.

Burlington, Vermont

Taraleigh Weathers - Yoga Teacher

Amber is an excellent teacher! Very wise for her young 27 years. She listens intently to students and provides strong detailed advice. I am new to yoga and at 59 years old usually the oldest in the room, so when I told her my goals she immediately advised me and helped me a lot. Drop what you are doing, sell the house, and attend her classes.

Austin, Texas

Michael Everett Moore

I am so grateful to have found such an amazing teacher and friend in Amber. She is an incredibly supportive and genuine person. From her yoga classes and retreats to her healing touch, I highly recommend seeing Amber for spiritual growth/healing at any level or for massage therapy. I am already excited for the next time I can practice with her!

Charolette, North Carolina

Marina Boucher

Amber is a total goddess!! Her classes are unlike any other--beautiful, inspiring, and real!

Los Angeles, California

Anne Martin

Amber is a wonderful yoga instructor who nurtures and cares for her students in every class. All of her classes feel creative and introspective. It is evident in her teaching that she has a deep commitment to her own practice and growth.

Fort Collins, CO 

Lasha Guillen - Yoga Teacher

Amber is an exceptional yoga teacher, massage therapist and a true source of inspiration to our community. Amber's commitment to her students is evident from her detailed, crafted, creative and humble guidance. She is a wise soul who transmits a deep love for the practice of self-exploration, awareness and realization. I am always amazed at how effortlessly she offers a variety of options, adjustments and levels during class, so everyone is included and given the permission to find their unique expression on any given day. This is an art that does not come easy and for that, I deeply value her teachings. Due to her background as a massage therapist, her touch is not only timely but feels exquisite in my body, everytime. Amber inspires me daily to live yoga more fully. 


Mai TeTxu

Amber is one of my biggest inspirations, I am grateful to have someone in my life with so much passion and clarity of mind. Ambers words will forever resonate with me, thank you Sparkle Sister, for being the magnificent YOU!

Fort Collins, Colorado

Bridget Angelica

I am so grateful to have found a teacher and friend in Amber. She has an intuitive gift, a talent, and ant art for guiding people through her yoga classes in an extraordinarily empowering way that allows one to surrender in the moment and look honestly and non-judgmentally at what arises through the practice. She also embodies what she teaches in the most humble and curious way. This woman is always seeking to support others on their journey as she holds a strong humble warrior pose through her own. I always get exactly what I need and more when I give myself the gift of showing up to her class.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jessica Petrone - Therapist

I don't know if being an incredible yoga teacher makes her an ace massage therapist, or the other way around. I can't figure out what it is that makes her work so profoundly effective and complete, but I know she's a truly gifted healer with a soft huge heart filled w so much love, you leave feeling like she infused it right into you. I love working w her, she's got those hands...

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Annie Gordon - Acupuncturist

Amber is so passionate and has an enlivened practice herself, this is important for any instructor. Check her out and enjoy her words, thoughts and sequences!

Fort Collins, Colorado

Kristen Lassiter

I can only recommend going on a retreat with Amber. She has a very special, beautiful way of teaching yoga and meditation. I love the way she guides you into the poses and through meditation. I met her in my Yoga Teacher Training and fell in love with her teaching style. Her practice is a balance between playful and graceful and at the same time it made me feel just the things I needed to feel. During one meditation a lot of emotions came up and it made me cry even though I think this was not intended, it helped me heal old wounds. Although Amber is still young she already has a lot of wisdom and holds space for everyone while being honest and vulnerable herself. She is just a beautiful human being and I feel privileged for the opportunity to have practiced with her

Anna Cuba